The Story of Stevent Hee

Stevent Hee with 10 years of experience in the Malaysian Capital Markets, specialising in derivatives market as well as equities market. He started off just like any other beginner, hungry in the market, hungry for knowledge. In his past, he attended numerous investment talks conducted by investment Gurus to learn Fundamental Analysis, Value Investing, Technical Trading as well as Scalping in the derivatives/equity market.

Through his journey, he developed the 1-cross-4 method, moneychip, SH trend using his proprietary software which is customised to screen potential stocks. He is a true believer of passive tradng, which focus on consistently making small profit but are accumulated through time with a long term investment. His method has helped numerous of his students.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is a powerful factor that empowers people to achieve great results. The more knowledge you gain, the more powerful you become. Knowledge also builds the foundation of your wealth. One can start investment at a small amount and periodically grow the portfolio.


So, what you will be learning from me is the most simple yet effective learning approach to identify a potential stock using a powerful learning method which transforms you from a beginner to a knowledgable trader.

Stevent hee develop

indicator Support


  • Current Price above 11 EMA
  • Marking System
  • Early Reversal
  • IODC
  • SH Trend
  • Money Chip Indicator
  • Doji Bullish Reversal


A method to detective short term explosive stock with the duration of 1 day till 3 weeks.

Student reviews

技术面是一门易懂难精的学问, 他提供了许多个股上的分析与见解, 尤其是对于领域分析,消息面分析,宏观微观,国际新闻逻辑思考等等, 都是全哥认为非常重要的学问, 轻松简单的找出赚钱的方式, 而不是为了学习而学习, 这些都与全哥的分享有同样的理念。
full time blogger
After attending this refresher class, I found that I could understand the logic of the software screening indicators as well as its application better. I believe it could help me to improve my stock trading in future. Looking forward to earn more profits than before. Steven, a Great Guru !
Ewe Lee Choong
performance consultant
Stevent has developed very unique TA short term trading style which is called 1 cross 4. I like this method very much because I can't find other guru can cover short term trading skill with simple process and easy learning. Most importantly the possibility to win is high. Special thanks to Stevent Hee Sifu
financial advisor
Attended Stevens talks about shares and market potential and found that he’s very knowledgeable and shared a lot to the group.
Wyken Wong
F&B department manager
Stevent Hee 1 cross 4 method easy to understand and practical

Wong Wing Haur
Broking Firm Marketing Team Leader
1 cross 4 method very easy to understand ! hope new traders can adopt this pattern. thank you Stevent for sharing!
Susann Lim

Trading Course

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  • Fundamental Analysis Class
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